You’ve poured your heart and soul into your book. You’ve finalized your thesis after years of hard research. You’ve crafted a resume that you know will land you that dream job. You’ve created a website to launch your business. Now you need a copyeditor and a proofreader.

Copyediting and proofreading are essential steps to any successful written work. Copyediting can be as in-depth as substantive feedback, restructuring, and corrections or as light as just checking for spelling and grammar. Copyediting is usually performed on manuscripts with little to no formatting, graphics or pictures. Proofreading is the last look before publishing or distribution. The  body of work is usually designed and formatted in the way the readership will see it. No substantive changes should be made during proofreading.


“Francey edited my non-fiction book Bankers are people, too. She made the text much more fluent. Thanks to Francey’s editing, you can’t tell that English is not my native language. Francey also suggested that I reshuffle some chapters to improve the flow of the story. I highly recommend Francey to self-publishing authors who want professional editing!”

— Jan Musschoot, Bankers are people, too

“Working with Francey, I felt like I had a collaborator. She took an interest in the content, and her excellent edits were accompanied by thoughtful comments where appropriate. Her grasp of editorial principles surpassed mine, and as a result I believe my book is that much better. It was a short job, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

—Donna Moriarty, Not Just Words: How a Good Apology Makes You Braver, Bolder, and Better at Life

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