Francey Jesson is a freelancer and entrepreneur who also cares full-time for her mother, who is suffering from memory loss.

After 25 years in the airport operations and management industry, and living all over the country, including a 17-month stretch managing the airfield on Midway Atoll, Francey moved to Sarasota, Florida to take care of her mom. At 86, her mother is still in remarkably good health except for significant memory loss and cognitive dysfunction due to a series of mini-strokes. No longer able to work outside the home, Francey turned to her long-time passion for the written word, and built a home business through freelance copyediting and proofreading.

Francey’s love of reading, writing, and yes, proofreading, began when she first learned to read. Her father ran a printing business out of the basement of their home, and she could often be found helping her dad proof his typeset. This was long before computers and laser-printers—when printing was done the old fashioned way, with moveable typeset and a press. This was printing as it had been done for centuries. Since typeset is backwards, she developed a keen eye for errors. She also developed a strong sense of how important accuracy is. If her father’s typeset was not 100% perfect, he could lose customers and money.

Sometimes when a plane flies overhead, she misses the hustle and bustle of working on an airport. But she wouldn’t trade her circumstances now for the world. It was her mother who encouraged her aviation dreams, and never let her believe she couldn’t do anything she wanted to do.

Francey and her mom have a mini-Australian Shepard, Sophie, and three cats, Spike, Sid, and Lily. All of whom keep them laughing everyday. She loves to cook and work in her yard.


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