Portfolio of Works Completed

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.

This is not an exhaustive list, but a sampling of some of my projects. In addition to non-fiction manuscripts I have experience editing and proofreading short eBooks, young adult fiction, cookbooks, articles, blogs, websites, business plans, and much more.

bankers are people too

Bankers are people, too: How finance works by Jan Musschoot—51K word manuscript. Copyediting/proofreading. Non-fiction. Project started July 16, 2017 and completed September 13, 2017. Two drafts. Available in paperback through Amazon.


Life In Overtime Cover

Life In Overtime: A Memoir of Perseverance by Tierra Rogers—52K word manuscript. Developmental copyediting. Personal memoir. Project started May 13, 2017 and completed July 5, 2017. Four drafts. Available in Kindle through Amazon.


Not just words


Not Just Words: How a Good Apology Makes You Braver, Bolder, and Better at Life by Donna Moriarty. 34K word manuscript. Proofreading. Non-fiction. Project started November 15, 2017 and completed November 27, 2017. One draft. Available through Amazon.


turn right

Turn Right at the End of the World by Robert Watkins—80K word manuscript. Proofreading and story feedback. Young adult adventure fiction. June 2016. Project duration—10 days. Available through iTunes.

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