What I do—


$1.50 per page (16 or more pages)

Flat Rate – $21 (1 to 15 pages)

Copyediting involves ensuring correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as sentence structure, style, and tone. I’ll check for missing words or incorrect word usage, and make note of incorrect or unverifiable statements or references. Copyediting is normally done at manuscript draft level. It does not include review for larger issues in fiction works like plot and character development.

Proofreading is done after copyediting is complete and design is finalized. Proofreading ensures that any transfers or uploads from the writing platform to the publishing platform have been seamless.

Developmental Copyediting

$1.90 per page (16 or more pages)

Flat Rate – $26 (1 to 15 pages)

Developmental copyediting involves substantive editing that can include significant  paragraph restructuring and rearranging, smoothing transitions, and suggesting additions or deletions at both sentence and paragraph levels. It is done on draft manuscripts and long before design is even contemplated. Also known as a heavy or line edit, I may make suggestions or ask clarifying questions that the author can choose to make decisions on. In works of fiction, it also involves feedback and suggestions on plot and character development, pace, flow, etc.

Live Website Proofreading

$50 per hour

Proofreading websites is a little different from other works if the website is live. If you’d like me to review your live website for accuracy, I will take screen shots and convert them into a PDF file. I’ll note edits through highlighting and comments. I charge by the hour because it is more labor intensive. However, prior to committing to a project, I will review your website and provide a not-to-exceed fee based on how many hours I believe it will take me. You won’t be charged extra if I go over the estimated hours. If it takes less time than estimated, you’ll be charged only for the actual hours. A half hour will be charged at the hourly rate. For very small projects that will likely take less than a half hour in total, we can negotiate a reasonable fixed fee.

  • All fees (except website hourly fees) are based on standard format, double-line spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
  • All fees are based on a single review. If you’d like additional reviews, I will discount my services.
  • I perform manuscript edits in MS Word with track changes on and the comments feature.
  • Proofreading edits for works designed in a publishing platform are performed in PDF using highlighting and comments. Client must provide the converted PDF.
  • Turnaround time will be discussed before I begin work, but they depend greatly upon the scope of the work requested and length of the written work. However, I can generally turn projects around in about 14 calendar days.
  • Payment is through PayPal upon invoice in US dollars. Fifty percent of the project fee is due upon contract signing. Final payment is due upon completion.

What I don’t do—

I do not perform formatting or design, even though I do check for it. If I find problems with formatting or design (inconsistent spacing or paragraph justification, inconsistent font, color scheme, white space, etc.,), I will note them for the author/designer to correct. With the exception of proofreading final design, the expectation is that I am working on an unformatted manuscript.